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Exchange Dev./Policies

The occurrences involving exchange or return must be reported to the Customer Service Department (SAC) as soon as possible. The exchange or return process will not proceed if the customer does not contact SAC before sending the product.

The products do not undergo any changes in our company, they will be sent to the customer exactly as they were delivered to us by the manufacturer.

If any of the following occurs, refuse to receive the product:

  • Open or damaged packaging;
  • Damaged product;
  • Product in disagreement with the order;
  • Lack of accessories.

If you still receive the product, please contact our Customer Service within 7 calendar days. After this period, seek the manufacturer's technical assistance directly.

Return for Withdrawal

To return a product due to regret, the following conditions must be observed:

The deadline for withdrawing from the purchase of the product is up to seven calendar days, counting from the date of receipt;

The product must be sent in the original packaging, without signs of use, without violating the original seal of the manufacturer, accompanied by invoice, manual and all its accessories.


The exchange request must be communicated to our SAC within seven calendar days, counting from the date of receipt.

If the purchased product is found to be defective after seven days from the date of receipt, but within the manufacturer's warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer (information about the manufacturer can be found in the product manual) to communicate the occurrence and obtain clarifications, or go to one of the technical assistance accredited by the manufacturer, indicated in the manual.

Products must be returned, in the original packaging, with invoice, manual and all accessories.

The deadline for receipt of the product to be exchanged will be 30 (thirty) days after the complaint.

All products are analyzed. They will be sent back to the customer whenever no defect is found, with shipping cost to the customer.

The contractual warranty is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and its term and form of use are set out in the Warranty Term accompanying the product.

SSWhite Duflex has 30 (thirty) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of your product at the company, to resolve the occurrence reported to our SAC.

Reimbursement of Canceled Order Amounts

The company refunds the amounts paid using the same payment method chosen in the purchase process:

  • CREDIT CARD - the card company will be notified and the refund will be made in up to two subsequent invoices;
  • BANK BOLETO - the refund will be made through DEPOSIT in the current account indicated by the consumer, within 10 working days. It is necessary that the CPF of the current account holder is the same as the one that made the request (CPF of the client).

You can always request reimbursement for the same amount paid in a next order. It can be used in the purchase of any product, in up to 1 year, counting from the date of shipment.

IMPORTANT: in case of return, the refund of the amounts will be processed only after receiving and analyzing the conditions of the product (s).

SSWhite Duflex is exempt from the obligation to cancel any order or repair any product that clearly shows signs of misuse.

Collection of the Product to be Returned

SSWhite Duflex guides and determines how to return products, so it is essential that you contact our SAC before returning the product.

All instructions will be forwarded by the SAC: